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May 14, 2019

Justizministerin Katarina Barley hat die Einführung des Bestellerprinzips auch für Kaufimmobilien vorgeschlagen und damit eine Diskussion in Gang gesetzt, die innerhalb kürzester Zeit nicht mehr sachlich und zielführend geführt wird. Verbände bringen sich mit Ablenkungsmanövern in Stel...

April 11, 2018

Its just 12 hours after I finished with the two days at the Founder University with Jason Calacanis in San Francisco. Having slept a night over it and reflecting what has been new to me and what was helpful, I can already say that there are lots of things that you can start to do direc...

October 10, 2017

Sounds so easy, but I have been an entrepreneurial thinking person for the longest time in my life. When I sold my digital agency in September 2012 to a larger group of companies, I had in my mind that I would love to do something different, new and intellectual more challenging. This...

January 19, 2017

This article takes a look at the ten most often asked question to prantos digital from a company perspective. It compares Magento 2 with version 1.9 and the features.

January 3, 2017

With the end of 2016 and the start of a new year, several newspapers and magazines – online and offline – have been flooded with articles about digital transformation and what will happen to medium-sized companies in 2017. To cut it short the answer was always you will be drowned by th...

November 18, 2016

Eine vordringliche Aufgabe der erfolgreichen und langfristig positiven Unternehmensführung – die digitale Transformation des Geschäftsmodells in mittelständischen Unternehmen.

Versetzen wir uns einmal in die Lage von Frau Neumann, Geschäftsführerin eines mittelständischen Unternehmens i...

September 8, 2016

A cool product which is only a hardware thing might have been a great thing in the past. Having had two recent happenings where you could see that the future is digital - and we are not talking about e-commerce - I see that bigger companies will need to adapt much more quickly to this...

August 12, 2016

Just working on strategic digitalisation projects in the traditional banking and insurance industry in Switzerland, I was wondering why everybody talks about fintech disruptions in these traditional industries. This article is about what fintech start-ups might change in industries dif...

February 19, 2016

Über manche Dinge macht man sich oftmals erst spät oder viel zu selten Gedanken. Absicherung und die Rente sind eher selten Thema, für Entrepreneure aber extrem wichtig, zumal man mit einem gewissen Risiko lebt und im Normalfall auch nichts aus der Rentenkasse bekommt, wenn man es einm...

January 16, 2016

It happens when you have had the last night out with the peers and the morning after you are walking through the town where you have had the classes - in this case Tel Aviv. Walking along on the sunny beach the day after and reflecting the last week, everything we have done and learned...

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The biggest 10 questions in regards to Magento 2.x from a company’s perspective (and why agencies are still recommending Magento 1.9)

January 19, 2017

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