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Master thesis - Digital disruption in existing markets.

I wrote my thesis for the Executive MBA at Kellogg-WHU some weeks ago. It's finished but there is no final valuation. The title is: 'Keys to success for disruptive digital business models entering an existing market – Framework, Analysis, Strategy – and the implications on a new venture in the German real estate market.' As I got an overwhelming feedback about it, I will prepare some blog entries to share the content as soon as the work is evaluated by my professor at Kelloggs' in Chicago. Subscribe to my newsletter below to get informed about it.

Why to pursue an Executive MBA class -Sharing my personal experiences.

In June 2014, out of a sudden idea and some recommendations from friends that have finished their MBAs’ some month ago I said, hey, why not do that for myself? Having just been out of an 18 month consulting assignment with long hours and great people I thought that the only thing I did miss was something for the brain, to learn again. It’s not that I am proud of learning all the time but I like to find out new things, meet interesting people and I constantly need some food for my brain to think about. That’s the reason why I decided to pursue and Executive MBA even without having potential career steps in mind, just for the experience. Until this point of time I had absolutely no idea what t

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