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European net neutrality – 1st and 2nd class Internet or the chance for new business models?

The European Parliament has approved the new law for net neutrality in Europe and a storm is coming up as lots of people are now talking about different classes for Internet access and a problem for all start-ups and their business models. We discussed it with some colleagues during our EMBA studies at Kellogg University in Toronto and came to a different opinion – it will massively support start-ups with digital business models in generating more revenue. Here is why. Some days ago, the approval from the European Parliament was just there and you heard some people starting to scream out very loud: ‘That is so unfair!’, especially when they read what Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Teleko

'Winner takes it all' - The 'Malaise' of the global web based markets for entreprene

Are there lots of courageous entrepreneurs starting to enter a market only to be the first loser? Will there be a future with a global the winner takes it all attitude? Lots of stories I was stumbling upon the last weeks are going in that direction and I am not sure if this is what entrepreneurs will like, but read my thoughts yourself. To start with I should mention that my daily business is to support companies (global SME’s and start-ups) to use the possibilities of the Internet, to adapt their business model and to scale it globally. I founded several companies (but no unicorn, yet) and have lots of new ideas to disrupt markets. Having said this, I am slightly worried about the future of

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