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Blockchain – Disruptive chances and challenges from an entrepreneurial perspective

Major challenges since the start of the Internet are trust and security. Right now we are using lots of 3rd parties which functions as trustees in order to keep online transaction running smoothly. Even a major player like Facebook is nothing else than a platform of mutual trust which tries to guarantee that we are who we promise to be. Blockchain – the Bitcoin underlying technology might disrupt all of this by digitally enabling trust between two unknown entities. Sounds amazing? Yes, it might be. Let me explain Blockchain first, as this is the key to understand how this can disrupt the digital space a little bit more. Blockchain is a technology that was invented by the inventor of Bitcoin,

Predict the occupancy rate in travel destinations and pro-actively drive digital marketing campaigns

Working in the digital travel industry for a long time, I know that there is one major issue. Each hotel and every destination would love to solve this challenge in order to distribute campaign budgets over the year: Have a good prediction of the occupancy rate of hotels within the destination. This could be used as a measurement for the necessity of starting digital campaigns to generate bookings. As this has not been done yet, we are currently working on a new kind of algorithm to find a solution for this travel industry challenge. Moreover, it looks like we are on a very good track to solve it. You might have read my recent blog article about the digital transformation of the Swiss ski de

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