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Digital Strategy Decisions on your Desk - Challenger needed?

Do you have a strategic digital decision on your desk and you are not 100% sure what to do? Send us a confidential message or call us and get instant decision making support, answers and sparring.


We have been working with large and mid-sized companies in digital strategy consulting for a long time - and with the 12yrs digital agency background of Nils T. Kohle - we also know very well how to challenges strategies from different viewpoints. The major challenge is that most managers are not digital natives and therefore often need a second opinion on how to make a decision or how to challenge their teams with the right questions. Having challenged many executives in the past five years and supporting them instantly in digital decisions about transformation, technology, agencies or even investments, we decided to open up our instant strategy decision sparring offer to managers on CxO level and the top tiers below that.

Three different packages to choose from to get a digital support on high-level that supports you in making better decisions and saving money (all with high confidentiality):

Package 1: Digital Evaluation


What you get:

Preparation time for analysis of challenge, 2-3 hrs meeting / calls, summary with results and recommendations

Example Topics:

Challenging a digital strategy, discuss investments or takeovers, analyse competitors offers, evaluation of tools and alternatives, advice on transformational challenges within the organisation

€ 2,900 *

Package 2: Digital Executive Coaching


What you get:

Intensive preparation time for analysis of challenge, 1-day meeting / calls, summary with recommendations and next steps

Example Topics:

Evaluation of a new digital strategy, digital investments or takeover strategies, starting transformational challenges within the organisation and how to set-up these

€ 5,750 **

Package 3: Smart Digital Instant Consulting


What you get:

You write questions or call and receive answers to digital challenges within 24hrs. Incl. up to 4hrs personal calls and up to 16hrs in written consulting per month (metered service).

Example Topics:

Day-to-Day decisions in digital units, business model evaluation, tool evaluation, technical decisions on platforms etc.

€ 7,900 ***

To start with your personal digital coaching and/or consulting or ask us questions, please call us, send us an e-mail or click on the 'order document' buttons below each price. Once you got in touch, you will receive the official documents, non-disclosure agreement and contract.

* Prices are excl. VAT and travel costs (when necessary). Meetings take place free of charge in Hamburg / Germany or close to Milan / Italy

** Prices are excl. VAT and travel costs, meetings take place at the clients site or free of charge in Hamburg / Germany or close to Milan / Italy

*** Same as with **, minimum contract period is three month, metered service, 24hrs service on weekdays

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