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Switching from Entrepreneurship to Consulting and back again – Why I did that.

Sounds so easy, but I have been an entrepreneurial thinking person for the longest time in my life. When I sold my digital agency in September 2012 to a larger group of companies, I had in my mind that I would love to do something different, new and intellectual more challenging. This was why I decided to go directly into consulting or better said interim management on c-level in digital transformation projects. This has been a good step as from one day to the other you can use all your digital knowledge and your interests in what’s going on in this space and take it to the client. So, for me it was like going back to really work in regards to setting something up for bigger corporations.

I started directly some days after I sold my digital agency with a digital transformation and strategy interim management project in a global real estate company. Interestingly, lots of things you could do in this sector have not been touched and were not working smoothly (and not digital), despite of this the whole sector is very successful. But in that time, I had already seen that there are many things in the residential real estate sector going on that were already back then crying for disruption. Funny to see how your mind is trained to find spots where something doesn’t work, and you automatically start to calculate what could be a benefit if you solve this challenge. During that nearly 20 months at the clients’ side I decided that I need to look deeper into my idea and therefore stop doing consulting there. Thought about and done. I then had different assignments in digital transformation projects, mostly in Switzerland and, partly also in real estate and finance.

From that day when I had finished my first assignment, I had in mind what kind of business model I would like to work on in order to “disrupt” the residential real estate market.

The funny thing is, that I always wanted to start asap, but with my co-founder we went through so many iterations, developments and changes on the model, that it took time – sometimes too much for me, but it was exactly the right way to move on. As I was still doing consulting and preparing the new company, the effort was immense. And over time we found the business model which we found perfect to start with.

By February 2017 I ceased most of my consulting assignments to free up some more time and by August 2017 we were ready to start a new chapter in entrepreneurship with the foundation of OWNR Technologies Inc. in San Francisco, Luxembourg and Hamburg.

It was great to re-start a business as an entrepreneur where you can decide everything in a very quick and efficient way and you see directly what the outcome is. This was also the major reason to get back into having my own company OWNR and pushing it to be a success. Although there are of course things you have to get used to when you think of the absolutely reduced income and such things – but the fun of founding again and setting something cool up and run it – that’s what really counts.

Whenever you have questions regarding starting your own business, let me know. And in case you are looking for a job, OWNR is hiring!

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