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What we do


The key to future success of SMEs is the use of a worldwide, business integrating the existing business model into the new digital possibilities.

We support you in developing the right strategy for your company's needs and implementing it with its new operation processes within your company in working directly with your team.

With our extensive network directly into companies we can help you to achieve results much faster by talking to the C-Level in an instant.


Every medium-sized company needs to adapt their business model to the ongoing digital transformation.

We help you to find the right digitalisation strategy, implement the new strategy within your organisation by chosing the right partners, doing excellent project management, communication, and setting up your new units to further grow in a more digital environment.

Our focus lies on multinational companies with extensive partner networks to integrate.


Starting in a company with a new kind of product or service always needs an appropriate business model to get the product into the market and the company into recurring revenue streams.

Based on our extensive experience and our passion we help you in finding an adequate revenue model for your business, also including our knowledge in Blockchain and other digital currencies. Implementation and roll-out of this new model is a strong focus in our roll helping your company grow.




We know that there is quite a lot of work in getting investors on board of a new venture, doesn't matter if angel-, seed- or series A round.

With our extensive network in regards to investors, potential buyers, banks, and everything you need on the legal side, we are here to help you to achieve your goals.

Investments from our side and board membership is one of our key side-issues.

Everything is about innovations. We think that there is a huge potential in combining our digital, content and social media know-how with your long-lasting business model.

Getting deep into your business model we create innovative new products and services together with you, and we will find a new strategy to re-invent your company in the context of digital media.

Having extensive knowledge in building up companies and their strategies, we can support your company as an interim manager in finding ways to make your processes lighter and adapt them to new digital processes.

Our focus is on integrating your team to a new digital transformation strategy and lead them to success and new motivation. 

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