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Who we are

Founder and investor of several start-ups with more than 20 years work experience in all kind of digital and social media companies.  Awarded with Red Herring European Top 100, Financial Times and other awards in recent years.




We are one of the reasons that there are many young (or even SME's) and successful companies that have working business models, tight client relations, earning good money and closed their funding rounds - and everybody is talking about them.

We support you in reaching your goals: Get connected to the right people, find your digital business model or integrate a social and digital strategy to your company that rocks.

Nils T. Kohle, Founder and CEO of Prantos digital has been working in the digital industry since 1997, then founding his first Internet consultancy with three colleagues in his student times. The web-based ideas never left his mind until then and he started founding several other companies, often only based on an idea, and brought them to the market. Most of them successful, but there have been some running not that good.  Simply by getting in touch with the worse side of being an entrepreneur, he gains lots of insights and knowledge on how to bring a company onto the path of success. Companies he has founded are e.g., Interwall,, Zigma, Bonsai Deutschland, Theosbox, soolux, Novizz and currently OWNR Technologies Inc., a San Francisco / Luxembourg / Hamburg based company introducing leasing to residential real estate markets in combination with digital currencies.

Before being an entrepreneur Nils studied European Finance and Accounting in Leeds/UK and Bremen/Germany and started first in the Investment Bank Drueker&Co. (now Houlihan Lokey), before joing the VoIP Start-Up Mind of Communication in 2000 to help them get their founding and start with the international business development in Asia and the US. He recently finished his Executive MBA program at Kellogg University (Chicago).

Now being the Founder of Prantos digital, we are an entrepreneurial family office supporting companies in entering successfully into the digital age. These can be  "old-fashioned" SMEs starting to make their business digital or a start-up that we can support in growing by defining the right business models, introducing them with interesting people and companies around the world, and helping them to get to the next level.

Our services are: Digital Transformation and Innovation Strategies, Interims Management to set up new Units (Chief Digital Officer) and Processes within Companies, Investment Rounds for Start-Up Companies, Business Modelling, Implementation and Project-Lead for Company-Units doing digital projects. 

Prantos digital is working with highly experienced partners in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Saudia Arabia and Sweden to develop great solutions to make your company successful.

It might be good to know that we are working only on C-level.

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