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Prantos digital


Prantos digital is a strategy consultancy focussing on digital transformation and innovation for global companies.

We start from strategy definition on c-level and do the implementation, project lead and communication to support you:

>   Develop innovative and monetizing digital business models

>   Set-up internal units + processes to transform to the digital age

​​>   Interim management (CDO) to implement strategies

​>   Create digital strategies for multinational partner networks

​>   Support in choosing the right partners for implementing a corporate digital transformation

Prantos is an entrepreneurial family office supporting early and later stage (digital) businesses, too.

Founded by Nils T. Kohle, a serial entrepreneur in the digital media space (finished his Executive MBA at Kellogg University, Chicago), we're based in Hamburg and are actively investing throughout Europe and the US into young, disrupting companies.

We take a hands-on approach by supporting companies to scale quickly and providing our expertise on product, marketing and financing strategy. As a small and focused firm, we are able to move quickly and give our companies the time and attention they deserve.

Digital Business Transformation and Innovation

Why medium sized and large corporations need digital transformation - the sooner the better.
Lots of companies - mainly in the SME sector - had a great time the last years as the economy was growing steadily. But there is no time to stand still. The Internet is rolling over old - until now digitally untouched branches - and wipes away the current order, just think about what AirBnb, Uber and Alibaba did the last years. Or what Blockchain might do the next years.

This does not only happen to SME's it happens also to tourism destinations and other sectors and it hasn't stopped yet.


We did support many global SME's, to stay at the pole position and transform to the digital life, which evolves more quickly than ever thought of.


GET IN TOUCH - We would like to know you.

May 29th, 2022

Working closely with OWNR, a completely new digital business model combining residential real estate with (car-) leasing financial modelling, we gained massive insights into the European and US residential real estate markets.

OWNR was also one of the first companies in European Residential Real Estate offering a digitalised Blockchain-Bonds to Investors.

Find out more about the OWNR business model here:

We have contributed to the recently published book (2017)  "The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Continuous Business Transformation"

You can also find us on these conferences either for our clients or as a speaker or even writer of articles:

> Smart Sell Magazine, 01.11.2018, Zürich/CH (Author) -


Nils T. Kohle



Having founded and set up more than eight companies in his life, ranging from an Internet Consultancy in 1997, a heavy funded Voice-2-Text Start-Up in 2006 to a 96 people strong Internet Agency sold in 2012. Later on being Interim Global Marketing Director for digital strategy at Engel&Völkers AG, a real estate company in 39 markets with more than 600 outlets.

Lately OWNR with its residential real estate leasing model integrated with Blockchain-based bonds was a major part of his daily work.

Nils has gained lots of experience with companies going through good and even tough times.

Read more about what he can do for you and your company.

International. We are based in Hamburg, Germany. Our clients are mainly based in the UK, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, Austria, Belgium and Germany with a strong focus on the European markets.

Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA. To keep on learning and to broaden my network I have done a part-time EMBA. I love to share my personal experience and wrote a short essay about it, read it here.

How we work: Focussing on companies that have a need for a digital business model - We have a very strong knowledge and even more passion to find the digital business model for SME's. We start by defining the strategy with the management and then implement it into company. Our strength is the combination of technical, project lead and also communication skills. These lead to long-term strategies, rapid implementation and strong internal communication to keep employees on board.

Talk to us, we find the right strategy for your companies future digital success.

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